Medical Imaging St Augustine

By combining the latest medical imaging equipment with a highly qualified staff, we offer the best possible healthcare outcomes for diagnostic radiology in St. Augustine. As a full-service imaging center, your examination will be performed by a registered technologist and interpreted by Board-Certified radiologists, many with advanced subspecialty fellowship training in such areas as image guided biopsy, interventional radiology, magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear medicine. As Precision Imaging Centers has continued to grow and invest in the latest diagnostic and therapeutic imaging equipment, we have maintained a standard of excellence that rivals those of the nation's leading teaching hospitals.

Our goal is to provide patients with a comfortable medical environment at a convenient location with expanded operating hours for medical imaging to include:

  • MRI Scan
    Magnetic resonance imaging is a powerful diagnostic tool that can provide your doctor with a detailed slice of your body's bones, cartilage, organs and soft tissues as viewed from any plane. Our high-definition image capture gives referring physicians a digital picture that far exceeds the results of most hospital MRIs.
  • Digital Ultrasound
    Digital 4-D ultrasound gives your physician offline digital data with multiple views of soft tissue and internal organs to support his or her diagnostic process. Ultrasound images allow for a faster examination, an earlier diagnosis and a more thorough assessment for many medical conditions.
  • PET Scan
    A PET Scan is a nuclear imaging technique that identifies normal, excessive or decreased cell metabolism in the area of the body being scanned. When combined with a CAT Scan (PET/CT), radiologists get a vivid anatomical image for more accurate diagnosis of numerous disorders.
  • Digital X-Ray
    Digital radiology uses less ionizing radiation to produce the same image contrast of photographic film but is captured on digital sensors. This state-of-the-art process saves time and provides immediate results to a flat-screen monitor for X-ray images that can be immediately forwarded in digital format.
  • CAT Scan
    A CAT Scan or CT Scan is considered to be one of the most affordable imaging tools used for the diagnosis of injuries, diseases and birth defects. Our digital scanner collects multiple X-ray images and uses cross section slices (tomography) to reconstruct a picture of the area of the body that was scanned.
  • Digital Mammography
    For diagnostic accuracy and the early detection of breast disease, we offer full-field digital mammography that feeds data directly to computer-aided interpretation software. Physician referrals are not required for asymptomatic women in need of a screening. A diagnostic mammogram does require scheduling by your healthcare provider.
  • Bone Densitometry
    Maximum bone density is typically reached during early adulthood. As bone density is lost, it becomes increasingly important to measure the decline in bone mass. Based on the results of periodic bone densitometry, your doctor will adjust your medications, recommend that you adopt healthy habits and discuss certain high risk activities to avoid.

Our professional staff understands the importance of rapid communication to the referring physician of precise results. In most cases, we provide a 4-hour imaging report turnaround. That way, your doctor can detect problems more quickly and treat your medical issues early-on before any condition escalates. In addition to prompt service, our center for precision imaging in St. Augustine offers your family the convenience of early morning appointments (open weekdays at 6:30 AM), evening appointments (close weekdays at 11 PM) and weekend appointments (open Saturdays 7:30 AM to 5 PM). Plus, you and your physicians will have medical record retrieval 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using our secure online results page.

Thank you for visiting our website and let us know how we can improve your online experience. To schedule a St. Augustine appointment, give our imaging center a call at (904) 471-8160 or use this website's convenient email contact form for a prompt response. We look forward to providing detailed imaging that meets your physician's diagnostic needs.